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Exceptional cleaning at reasonable prices

Regular cleaning

Regular clean

Regular clean includes weekly cleaning , fortnightly cleaning , our regular cleaning rate is  $55/ hour, per cleaner.

Monthly cleaning rate is $60/ hour, per cleaner. 

Minimum booking is 3 hours. 


Once Off Cleaning Spring cleaning

Once Off Clean

Spring Clean, Move in Move out Clean, Deep Clean, Renovation CleanEnd Of Lease Bond Clean, Oven Clean. 

For once off cleaning, our rate is $65/ hour per cleaner. 

Commercial Clean

Commercial Cleaning will need to have an inspection before we are able to provide a proper quote, this includes Office Clean, Clinic Clean, Apartments Clean, Hotel Clean, School Clean, Airbnb Clean.

House Cleaning Cost Calculator

more infomation
  One off  

Hourly  Rate

              Monthly               $60    
                                               Fortnightly            $55                                  

* GST is not included 

* 3 hours booking minimum 

How does it work?

Our hourly rate service is a time-based service so there is not a fixed list of what is and is not included. Our cleaners will do as much as they can in the time that is booked and we can be 100% flexible with the work we do.  For regular clean, If you are not sure how many hours do you need, we are happy to have a trial clean to see how many hours our cleaner will need, and to ensure that the work performed is done to your standard.


How much it costs to clean your entire home will depend:

  • Size of your home

  • Condition of your home


The following table is a great resource for estimating how long it will take to clean your home based on the condition and the number of bedrooms you have. This does not include doing less frequent items such as inside appliances, inside cabinets, windows etc.


Once you have worked out how long it will take to clean your home, you can then multiply it by one of the hourly rates in the hourly rate section above.

Bedrooms in House
Standard Clean(1-4 Weeks)
Spring Clean (1-4 Months)
Extensive Clean(4 Months+)
5-6 Hours
6-7 Hours
8-10 Hours
4-5 Hours
5-6 Hours
7-8 Hours
4-4.5 Hours
5-5.5 Hours
6-7 Hours
3-4 Hours
4-5 Hours
5-6 Hours
3-3.5 Hours
4-4.5 Hours
5-5.5 Hours
3 Hours
3-4 Hours
4-4.5 Hours

Additional Services

Additional Services
$30/ Load
Wet Wiping Blinds
$25/ Blind
Dish Washing
$35/30 minites
$30/30 minites
Bed Changing
Inside Drawers/Cabinets
Inside Fridge
Inside Oven

“When your environment is clean you feel happy, motivated and healthy."

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